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Business Functions

Business Functions

There are various Soft Winding, Dyeing, Hard Winding, Dryer, and Hydro machines with different daily and monthly capacities in our Yarn Department,…

Our Knitting Department has different Knitting Machines Twill Tape, Draw Card, Flat Knitting, and Circular Knitting machines with different daily and monthly capacities.

Our fabric dyeing process is an intricate and fascinating partnership between dyes and fibers through a chemical connection that enables the vibrant colors you enjoy every day.

BTI’s cutting department consists of the latest pattern designing and grading machines. The cutting department uses the CAD / CAM system for pattern designing and grading.

Our Embroidery Department has standard embroidery and chain and sequin embroidery machines.

Our printing Department is equipped with state-of-the-art automatic printing machines which run through a different colour scheme to ensure the desired look and quality.

Our Stitching Department has multiple stitching units with different machines and production capacities.

Our Finishing Department is operated by experienced workers who are familiar with the standards of international brands. Finishing is more than just ironing and packing.

The packaging process of attires/products is something that may seem mundane at first glance.

Shipping our goods with a guarantee on both sewing and finishing quality is no joke.